“The best things in life take time”

We live in a fast paced world. We want everything now and quickly. We rush and try to help things along in life. It seems to me that not much comes along naturally these days. There is a rush to grow up and grow out, to excel, advance, attain, and progress so much that it doesn’t seem to be a true progression of the natural state of the way things ought to be.

So is it any wonder when things fail? People are rushed to positions of authority, responsibility and influence prior to the maturation process. Character has yet to be fully tested and developed. Experience has yet to dig its deep terrain. Tears have dried before they hit the ground proving of it’s lack of heaviness and toil as succumbed to the aftermath of the storms of life.

The southern magnolia is a beautiful symbol of nature’s blooms that are predominately in the south of the United States. A magnolia tree can grow as tall as 80 to 120 feet and wide as 40 feet. The beautiful white southern bloom usually matures after 10 years of growth. However, when it does, it blooms a large flower boasting of a beautiful fragrance like no other. I’ve been told that the magnolia tree is strong enough to withstand a hurricane. I think we can learn from the southern magnolia. Beauty, strength, and character takes time. When the time has come to inaugurate its bountiful floral regalia not even a powerful storm can wither it away.

So it is when it comes to life. The best things in life take time. 

In His service,


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