“A New Year – The line of demarcation”

The new year always seems to mark the beginning of something, starting over, new promises, renewed hope, new plans, goals, and well-intentioned intentions. For many the new year marks the end of things, broken promises or commitments,  relationships, career, and loss. As I have reflected on this certain line of demarcation it has become clear to me that this calendar date is a milestone that helps plan life and all that life encompasses. So to me, the new year is about reflections on the past and reflections toward the future.

However, I cannot reflect without God. In Him is everything. Therefore, I can only write with you in mind with God only, nothing else.

The world is ever changing and doesn’t wait for the line of demarcation. Life spills into the next hour of the next day, never seemingly waiting but rolling on through. To life, there isn’t a line of demarcation. But to us, there is.

It is impossible for me to know how your year has been. I cannot imagine. Only you know and the One True God that has been with you along the way. Many of you have experienced happiness, newness and good change. On the other side, many of you have experienced trauma, loss, and insurmountable change. I have experienced both sides.

Being a writer, and having inherited the writing skill from my father, writing comes easy to me. Whether it’s a research paper, devotional, a letter, a card or a to-do list, I love to write. So for me writing is therapy to my mind and soul. I use writing as a way of coping, reflecting, planning, imagining, and healing. In this sense, I am able to reflect on the past and reflect toward the future. Perhaps you have your own way of doing so, and so I encourage you to do your own way of reflecting. If it’s looking out your window, taking long walks, talking with yourself, driving long distances, laying on your bed, or sitting in your special chair. Do it your own way.

Take time to reflect on this past year and reflect toward the future. What did you learn, how did you grow, what went well and not so well? What actions worked for you and others?  How were others blessed by you? How were you blessed by others? What do you need to change about yourself? It truly is never too late. How are you hurting yourself and others? What habits and thoughts keep you from moving forward and why? Do you need to move? Who do you need to move from? What are you living for and why? Is it living for you?

For me my reflections are categorized: God and my spirituality, health, fitness, finance, career, ministry. Within these categories are subcategories. I journalize my life in each of these categories in terms of incidents, actions, and outcomes. I focus on the next plan of action and leading of the Spirit of God. I ask myself the above questions and use questions to find answers. In every circumstance I have always found that God is providing the answer. Even seemingly silence from God is a well needed answer too.

Through all of this, I realize that many are hurting. The holiday time seems to exacerbate the pain of what you’re feeling. It can never come to an end too quickly. My father died shortly before Christmas and I miss him dearly. The holiday remains forever changed after the loss of both my parents. Even now, I have to adjust my thinking so that my heart follows just long enough until the holidays are over. In addition, I do not put any expectations on the holidays, except to focus on the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Things seem better as a result.

Only you, through the help of God, can resolve the past year and the year forward. God the Father is with you waiting to carry you through the journey of life. He cares for you, loves you, and wants to be in relationship with you through His Son Jesus Christ. The only line of demarcation is the line you draw between you and God. In Him there is no line of demarcation. He is ever present, ever knowing, ever all to you.

As you pursue and follow God, I hope you will grow in your relationship with Him and witness the wonder He can do in your life. As you make changes, as you start over, as you move forward, you will notice Him in small ways, but ever increasing as the days go by. He will build you up by growing you deep. In time, your reflections of the past will not be so hard, but lighter and smoother, as well as your reflections toward the future.

It is in this I whole-heartedly resolve to encourage you by writing Christ-centered devotionals that edify your life. The Word in Motion was launched in 2016 and is subscribed by only a few. You are in my reflections toward the future! Therefore, I purpose that through this devotional ministry your faith will be enriched so to put The Word in Motion in your life!

“Wishing all of you


(of my mind, heart, soul, spirit)


(chosen, certain, seeking)

and most of all


(God, others, you)

this New Year 2017″

In His service,



Copyright by The Word in Motion

January 2017