“Keep it High” – an Introduction

Paul and Silas: Acts 16: 22 – 29      

              The best you can experience on earth cannot touch Heaven. When you do for God it never looks nor feels like you are doing anything for yourself. But you are. Rewards may not be realized on earth but they will come at the end of your journey when you are finally in the presence of our Savior.  It is incomprehensible.

            Many times when I engage my friends in conversations I say “I will keep it high.” At first, I got confused looks and questions such as, “What do you mean by that?” However, after several years of my saying this my friends know what I mean.

            When you are a servant of Christ you do not live unto yourself. You learn to live taking the back seat, back row, and back burner in most aspects of your life. It is a mark of being a distant second to the one who takes first place, God. The closer you are to the Father the further away you will be, that is, to your very self. In so doing, the higher things become to you.

            So as a servant of God I do not live for myself. I live lesser to me.  Each time I try to extend my hand something in my mind tells me “you better pull it back.” Then I let it go. I have learned to let a lot go. In this sense, I am letting go of myself, my plans, my thoughts, and my hand. As such, I can never go before myself. Mostly I cannot even stand up for myself. Life’s spiritual lessons run deep that I recognize apart from the Father I can do nothing. It has become easier to take it on the chin, turn the other cheek, give up my seat, wait a little longer, relinquish my turn, and to step down. All at the cost to remain blameless, but not for myself, but for God so that He can do what He does without my getting in the way. The lesser I am the greater He becomes. Simply, smoothly, purely.

            I have learned to hold the end in mind, His reputation in sight, all so that I can keep in Him, and when I do, I keep it high.

 The Word in Motion: An Interactive

What does it mean to you to “keep it high?”

Have you ever taken a step down so that someone else can take a step up?

Do you live for yourself instead of for God?

What things are first place in your life?

How will you relinquish yourself this week?


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