“Waiting Wrongly, Waiting Well” An Introduction

Waiting. We wait for many things. We wait for things we want. The things we want come in time. On the other hand, we wait for things we do not want. The things that we do not want come in time too. So we wait for what we want and do not want, the good as well as the bad. So what does it mean to wait? How does it look in the life of a follower of Christ?

Waiting is counter to our human nature. Waiting takes patience as so few of us have it. For those who possess patience, waiting requires even more patience, most of the time. For the Christian, waiting can take on the extreme. I don’t mean the common cliché “I’m waiting for God.” I mean plain old waiting. We can wait for God to come through on a number of things such as, a re-location, acceptance into a college, university, or educational institution, a way-ward spouse to return, a spouse-to-be, healing, salvation of a loved one, a promotion, and the list goes on.  So, we wait for good things.    Waiting is a process measured by time. In God there is no time. He governs all things in their time and has created time itself. His time is not our time and cannot be compared nor contrasted in the time that humankind lives within. In waiting, there is a natural time, such as the birth of a child, healing of an illness or broken bones. It cannot be hurried as waiting is built into the process. In waiting, there is also a supernatural time, such as those things that cannot be reasonably explained because faith is involved. You cannot rush what is meant to be because all that is meant and purposed is bordered by time established by God. Therefore, time takes waiting, and waiting takes time.

The Word in Motion: An Interactive

What are you waiting for? 

How long have you been in a season of waiting?

What has the Holy Spirit taught you in the midst of waiting?

Why not wait?

What challenges have you faced during your season of waiting?   


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